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“Really insightful and valuable. The most worthwhile and interesting session I attended. Tony's top tips could be a game changer for our prospect research in the finance sector.”

“Tony was brilliant, hugely valuable!” Evaluation Form comments (2018)


'You know more than we do!' Senior Partner and Head of Healthcare Division at major international Private Equity partnership, 2021


'You were the highest rated speaker for 2017, and indeed I believe its the highest speaking rating in our 15 year history!  This is an area where many schools struggle, largely because we operate with much smaller DARO teams, so to have someone of your calibre and expertise provide such a practical and knowledgable overview, was priceless.’

Institute of Developing Professionals in Education (IDPE.


'This is a sophisticated understanding of the sector.'   

Co-founder of major UK Private Equity partnership


“Excellent presentation and very helpful, practical information.”

“Excellent, down to earth and practical.”

“Lots of practical tips and advice gained from this session. Looking forward to receiving Tony's guide. Outstanding.”“Incredibly knowledgeable and interesting, as well as accessible. No PowerPoint used or needed. Full of great content and advice. Thank you!” Delegate feedback (2017)


‘Outstanding, thanks a heap Tony. I know my colleague had queried you on something around investment bankers that you raised on the Yahoo group in June, so the ANU thanks you for your ongoing help!  

Certainly some new info in there (the junior position salaries are news at the very least) and overall helps feed in to some potential prospect identification work.’

Australian National University


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