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Experts in international finance sector remuneration practices

3,000 dealmakers earned £5 billion in carried interest between them in 2022, according to HM Treasury analysis.

Do you know whether any of these HNW executives are on your database or prospect list?

                           (*HM Treasury data, 2022)

Training in High Net Worth identification and capacity rating techniques for:

University and College Development offices, Boutique Private Wealth Management teams, Business Development teams.                                                               

Targeted HNW identification & rating projects a specialty.


The Finance Sector

Investment Banking

Expertise in salary plus contractual bonus earners from Analyst to Partner

Fund Management

Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers and back-office professionals. The stars, the veterans and the newbies


Experts in CEO pay, contractual bonuses, share award remuneration

Private Equity

Tier 1 Partners to entry level, the 'carry' arrangements, co-investment opportunities

Corporate Legal

From Magic Circle to Bronze Circle partnerships and regional commercial law

Global Consultancies

Managing Partner versus Partner earnings, Directors to entry level



RAPID GIFT CAPACITY DIAGNOSTICS. This is a low-cost way for clients who know they have finance sector prospects on their database to discover the depth of that potential prospect pool and associated capacity.Ideal for small-shop charities or fundraising major gift portfolio building, the client should have a radically improved view of what capacity lay undiscovered on their database from the finance sector ‘bonus’ earning sociodemographic.

SMALL TEAM AND ONE-TO-ONE DISCOVERY AND CAPACITY RATING TRAINING appropriate for the client’s preferred rating system. Half-day and full day modules available. Both modules are calculated to demystify city jargon, lend confidence to the client’s staff in detection and rating of finance sector prospects. Follow-up 1-1 training included where staff can refer (without naming a prospect) a rating challenge, which we will help resolve with robust third-party validation/source info.

STRATEGIC PORTFOLIO BUILDING. Predominantly for registered charities/HEI institutions. ‘Big Bang’ solutions involving a formal screening. ArrowHNW does not maintain a proprietary relationship with a screening company, as we wish to advise on the most appropriate screening with a view to costs and ROI (return-on-investment) for the client without bias.

The objective would be to provide a leap forward in identification and rating of High Net Worth bonus, share award earners, co-investors, fund and portfolio managers. Start your new campaign with a boost in Fundraiser portfolio quality.

GDPR. No client data is transferred, removed, copied or stored by ArrowHNW. We work with a client staff member who receives training in finance sector prospecting and capacity rating as we move through the ArrowHNW search array. ArrowHNW are happy to sign a client confidentiality document and support both the letter and spirit of General Data Protection Regulations.


                Photography by Jean-Luc Benazet 

Anthony Duggan  Operations Director - ArrowHNW


Prospect identification and capacity rating lead for two leading Russell Group University fundraising campaigns, and has advised small charities from sports clubs to ballet companies on the subject of identification and capacity.


Drawing on experience gained as a commercial research analyst firstly with an asset management firm in London, and latterly as a Senior Analyst in External Affairs with a blue-chip FTSE100 company in London, Anthony moved to the higher education sector in 2007 with Imperial College and London Business School before joining the University of Cambridge as Development Research Manager (2014-2022).

​Teams led by Anthony have discovered and rated almost 6,800 High Net Worth prospects predominantly from the UK finance sector, with additional high net worth cohorts from New York’s Wall Street and financial centres in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Middle East.

Anthony is an expert in wealth and capacity estimation and has designed a methodology for training researchers on ‘live’ sociodemographic data which promotes a consistent and confident approach to capacity rating. 

Based on feedback from client Development Offices at Universities and registered Charities clients prefer an individualised approach to capacity ratings with an expert able to provide links and supporting information to  bolster the ratings and ArrowHNW specialise in supplying precisely that. A natural offshoot of that work means ArrowHNW are equally adept at providing profiles at all levels and due diligence and network maps. Please do ask for a free initial sample of the work we do if you are considering  a refreshed approach to the prospect data you have, or the data you would like to have for your fundraisers.  





83 Riverside Cambridge CB5 8HN                   Tel: 077461 20025

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